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Wall Street's Remarkable Case of Trump Apathy

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Markets Yawn at Trump's Ups and Downs

Maybe investors don't think the Republican can win, or maybe they don't care. But either way, Matthew Winkler notes most markets are holding steady in the face of a radical new political force -- except for those who buy and sell the Mexican peso.  

Deutsche Bank Puts Safeguards to the Test

The beleaguered German lender offers a unique opportunity to see what markets think about regulators' plans to prevent financial contagion, and as Mark Whitehouse shows, they aren’t showing much faith.

India's Central Bank Grows Up

Investors were worried when former Royal Bank of India head Raghuram Rajan stepped down from that position this summer, but Mihir Sharma says the RBI's post-Rajan reforms look set to put it on a stronger institutional footing.

What to Expect From the Next SCOTUS Term

The last U.S. Supreme Court term was strange by accident; the new one will be strange by design, thanks to a recalcitrant Senate that refuses to fill the late Antonin Scalia's seat. (In case you were wondering, it's been empty for eight months.) The shorthanded justices hope to avoid controversy, but Noah Feldman says they'll still have to rule on hot-button issues including immigration law and the death penalty -- and try to avoid 4-4 splits.

Joe Biden Considers His Future

As 2016 draws to close, Barack Obama's closest partner is getting ready to move on -- the question is what he'll do with all the political capital he's earned over nearly 50 years in public service. The U.S. vice president speaks with Albert R. Hunt about what comes next.  

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