Economists Running on the Old Treadmill of Mistakes

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The Dangerous Cult of Macroeconomics

In economics, as in physics, loyalty can trump the pursuit of truth. Mark Buchanan (who knows a bit about both fields) warns that today's old-guard economists are making the same intellectual errors that stalled the progress of quantum theory in the 1930s. 

Syria's 'Army of Islam' Says No to War With Israel

The leader of a major Islamist militia says the enemy is Bashar al-Assad, not the Zionists. Eli Lake examines how the violence in Syria is reshaping how some Sunnis' attitudes toward Israel. 

Brazil's Subsidy Samba Hurts Artists and Taxpayers

As a swirling corruption scandal the country's federal cultural-subsidies program, Mac Margolis says that Brazil's generous tax write-off is benefiting fat cats and box-office at the expense of artists and everyday people. 

Suburbs Will Soar on the Wings of Tech

Good-bye, urban revival, Tyler Cowen says: Places with elbow room have the most to gain from a future of ride sharing, driverless cars and drones.

Pensions Fly Only If You Believe They Can

When investors lose faith, suddenly there's a bank run -- even without a bank. Megan McArdle lays out why a pension-fund mess in Texas illustrates broader truths about economics and risks.

Hacking Into the Science Publicity Machine

A digital breach at a science-news clearinghouse is raising questions about how headlines get made. Faye Flam explains why some journalists and researchers are calling foul.

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