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One Big Reason Wages Are Flat

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Rising Health-Care Costs Ate Your Pay Raise

Take-home wages have stagnated for more than 40 years because employers shell out so much for health insurance, Barry Ritholtz finds -- and most workers are totally in the dark.

Affordable Housing Is Easy. In Theory. 

Good on the White House for proposing a sensible affordable housing plan, Megan McArdle says, but the proposals are the easy part. The hard part is overcoming special interests that like cities just the way they are.

The Real Reason So Many Americans Oppose Immigration

Hint: It's not "economic anxiety." Cass Sunstein explains

Cheer Up. History Will Forget This Dismal Election.

Political strife has brought out the worst in people this year, but it's masking real social progress, Tyler Cowen says: When future historians look back on 2016, they'll be impressed not by our nastiness, but by how smoothly we were adjusting to mass technological change.

Who Really Wants a Ticket to Mars?

Elon Musk hopes he can find space-farers willing to pay $200,000 to resettle on Mars, but Elaine Ou says his plan doesn't add up: If the history of colonization is any guide, Mars will be the first destination of the tired, the poor and the marginalized, not well-to-do libertarians. 

You Can't Strip Dancers of the Right to Bare All

A Louisiana law that sets an age limit on female exotic dancers might be well-intentioned, but it's also unconstitutional. Noah Feldman explains why the three "Jane Doe" performers fighting the rule in court have a strong First Amendment case. 

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