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Desperate Central Bankers and News Bubbles

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  • Quant Who Coined Risk Parity Says Wall Street Has It All Wrong (Bloomberg)
  • Bill Miller Plans a Return to His Roots. The Legg Mason Opportunity Trust will get a new name: the Miller Opportunity Trust (Wall Street Journal)
  • As Skill Requirements Increase, More Manufacturing Jobs Go Unfilled (Wall Street Journalbut see More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade (New York Times)
  • I’ve never seen anything like the massacre of the hedge fund business this year (CNBC)
  • Hedging on Liquid Alternatives (Chief Investment Officer)
  • Roach: Desperate Central Bankers (Project Syndicate)
  • Chinese property goes up, Chinese property goes down (Financial Times)
  • Grocery Prices Are Plunging (Bloomberg)
  • Trump Becomes Latest GOP Nominee To Get Lost Inside The Fox News Bubble (Media Matters); see also Presidential Debates and Social Media, or Neil Postman Was Right (L.M. Sacacas)
  • You are way more likely to be killed by deer than by sharks, bears, and gators combined (Vox)

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