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Hey, Remember That Vacant Seat on the High Court?

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Why Nobody's Talking About the Supreme Court 

America's next president will reshape its highest court, appointing at least one justice (and likely a few more). You'd think the candidates would be trying to remind voters at every opportunity, but Noah Feldman says both Clinton and Trump have good reason to soft-pedal the issue.

Maybe Crime's Not Really Rising. But If Voters Think It Is...

Last year's uptick in violent crime might not concern most ordinary Americans, especially since it came after a 20-year decline. But Megan McArdle thinks the perception of disorder could influence the election even more than the reality does.

In Texas, Even Trump Supporters Hate the Wall

The Republican candidate promises a "tall, powerful, beautiful wall" between the U.S.-Mexico border, but the town of Brownsville already has one. It's 18 feet high and made from rusty iron bars, and, as Leonid Bershidsky reports from Texas, it irks the entire community.

Obama's Fierce Urgency of Forever

With the election just 40 days away, Frank Wilkinson lauds the current president for taking the long view, with second-term rhetoric that "pushes the national conscience, and shapes the national narrative, but gently."

Peak Finance Looks As If It's Come and Gone

The finance industry's best days are in the past, Noah Smith warns: Disruptive technologies, mechanization and new regulations are all set to squeeze profits. The question is, how many jobs will disappear — and when? 

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