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Not a Tremendous Night for Donald Trump

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Trump Takes the Bait and Hooks Himself

It might not have been total victory for Hillary Clinton at Monday night's presidential debate, but it's pretty clear who lost -- and it wasn't the former secretary of state. Jonathan Bernstein describes the whole event as an hour-and-a-half-long argument for why Donald Trump shouldn't be commander in chief, while Ramesh Ponnuru says the candidate offered little to convert doubters to his cause. Score at least one point for Trump, though: Eli Lake says Clinton stumbled significantly on questioning about Iran. 

About That 'Very Small Loan'...

You might have noticed that midway through the debate, Trump mentioned he'd accepted a "very small loan" from his father in 1975. Want to learn more? Tim O'Brien has the full story on the candidate's extremely small (read: multi-million-dollar) debts to his dad, among many, many other creditors.

I Trashed the Economy When I Was Head of the Fed 

In non-political news, Mark Gilbert learned some hard truths playing the San Francisco Fed's online simulation "Chair the Fed: A Monetary Policy Game." Among them: Economic modeling is bunk, short-term interest rates can only do so much, and dear lord, never put this guy in charge of a central bank.

Economists Have a Major Blind Spot

If spending time in journalism has taught economist Noah Smith one thing, it's that most brethren just don't understand the importance of politics. The era of wise, dispassionate technocratic advisers is over, he says -- time to jump into the political fray. 

The Future of the U.S. Economy Lies in Mexico

Where are current and future workers from? Where do companies count on sending jobs? Ignore the protectionists and do your best Frank Sinatra impression with with Conor Sen, because it's south of the border, down Mexico way. 

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