Debate Prep and Investment Philosophies

Here are your morning reads.

My pre-debate Monday morning train reads:

  • Must-See TV: Clinton vs. Trump, Round One (Barron’s); see also How Clinton And Trump Are Preparing For The First Presidential Debate (NPR)
  • The Collectible Car Market Is Getting the Air Kicked Out of its Tires (Bloomberg)
  • Help! I Have No Idea Where My 401(k) Is, or What to Do With It. (New York)
  • John Hempton’s investment philosophy (Bronte Capital)
  • Why Getting Rich Quick Often Doesn’t Sound Crazy (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Death of the Telephone Call: 1876-2007. (Slate)
  • How one Washington Post reporter uses pen and paper to make his tracking of Trump get noticed (Nieman Lab)
  • A Shocking Amount of E-Waste Recycling Is a Complete Sham (Vice)
  • Meet the Winners of This Year’s Ig Nobel Prizes (Gizmodo)
  • Why you should pay a penny to send an email (Ozy)

And just in time for the debates! Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Michael Murphy, former head of the Right to Rise super-PAC and former campaign manager for Jeb Bush.

Fiscal Constraints Await the Next President

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