An Emerging Divide Between Obama and the Military

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Obama Kept Military Out of the Loop on Cash Payments to Iran

As news broke Thursday that the president sent $400 million to Iran earlier this year without consulting the secretary of defense, Eli Lake sees more evidence of fissures between Obama and his top brass.

Econ Professors Aren't Feeling the Economy's Pain

Years after the global financial crisis, macroeconomic research is still guided by the old paradigms that prevailed during the mid-aughts. Why? Narayana Kocherlakota thinks economics professors' high salaries have insulated them from economic shocks.

The Politics of Nostalgia Are Here to Stay

The U.S. is on course to become become minority nonwhite within 30 years, but Francis Wilkinson says Republicans have a firewall against rapid demographic change: Older voters are living longer.

New York's Lenin Statue Gets Toppled

A privately owned statue of the Russian revolutionary has suffered the same fate as counterparts in the former Eastern Bloc -- just a few decades later. Leonid Bershidsky considers the fate of the 18-foot-tall Lenin that, until this week, stood watch over the Lower East Side.

Drugs Can't Cure Alzheimer's. Could They Prevent It?

Researchers hope experimental drugs could one day ward off the disease in healthy people (and avert an immanent public-health disaster). Faye Flam lays out the stakes.

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