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Superstar Companies and Fixing Fox News

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It's the autumn equinox! Kick off fall with the finest morning train reads in the land:

  • Is Shareholder Value Maximization the Dumbest Idea in the World? (CFA Institute)
  • Wall Street’s Stock Selling Business: The Worst in 20 Years (Wall Street Journal)
  • Do Institutional Consultants Add Value Picking Money Managers? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • You Want to Buy MLPs? No, You Don’t (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • How Large is Election’s Impact on Stocks? 35 presidential terms answer the question (Barron’s)
  • Markets and Pundits Have a Data-Point Fixation (Bloomberg View)
  • The rise of the superstars: A small group of giant companies are once again dominating the global economy. Is that a good or a bad thing? (the Economist)
  • It’s Not Too Late to Fix Fox News (New York Times)
  • Design as Branding (Daring Fireball); see also McLaren or not, Apple needs a carmaker partner (Recode)
  • Your dog can make you feel better, and here’s why (Washington Post)

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