Writing a New Rulebook for Self-Driving Cars

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Self-driving, not self-regulating.

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Set Autonomous Vehicles Free

Too many rules could stop the driverless revolution in its tracks, but Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics simply aren't enough for the burgeoning new industry. The Bloomberg View editorial board applauds U.S. regulators for striking the right balance on autonomous vehicles: restrained, but not restrictive.

Let's Think Again About Dodd-Frank

Six years after Barack Obama signed the landmark financial reform into law, evidence is emerging that it slowed the recovery without making banking safer. Tyler Cowen takes stock of some discouraging new data.

Let the Debates Begin, No Referee Required

With the first presidential debate less than a week away, Jonathan Bernstein says Americans can relax about the moderators' fact-checking skills: The truth will come out in due course.

An Ex-Republican in Iowa Tells All

Almost every conservative politician in the Hawkeye State eventually got aboard the Trump train -- but one jumped off. Francis Wilkinson speaks with the veteran Iowa lawmaker who took a stand on principle (and found himself shunned by the GOP establishment for his troubles).

Martha Stewart's Chinese Dream

The American lifestyle icon hardly registers in China, but e-commerce goliath Alibaba is betting Martha Stewart can make her mark on the homes and kitchens of the country's rising middle class. Adam Minter asks: Will it be a good thing?

More Bad News for Britain's Beer Drinkers

Traditional pubs are closing, barley prices are skyrocketing, and global mega-brewers are on the rise. You might want to pour yourself a glass before reading Mark Gilbert's latest dispatch from the U.K.'s bar scene.

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