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Love, Friendship and Public Accounting Don't Mix

There's supposed to be a bright line between business and pleasure, and things get messy when it's crossed. Don't believe us? Listen to Matt Levine as he recounts the doomed relationship that (allegedly) blossomed between an auditor and the chief accounting officer of the company she was auditing -- a story that features "the most romantic thing I have ever read in an SEC order" -- as well as a more ambiguous tale of on-the-job friendship. 

Forget a $15 Minimum Wage. What About Bonuses?

Workers who flip burgers, stock shelves and mop floors are as crucial to a firm's success as its managers and directors are. So why don't they ever get bonuses? Michael Schuman says performance-based pay for all would be an effective and appealingly capitalist way to address inequality. 

Putin May Not Really Want a Syria Deal

With the Russian-U.S. truce on Syria just a few days old and already in tattersLeonid Bershidsky suspects President Vladimir Putin isn't invested in peace -- he's just playing for time.

World War II Leak Case Is a Win for Edward Snowden

Historians are celebrating after a federal appeals court ordered grand jury testimony from a 1942 leak case to be unsealed, and they're not the only ones. Noah Feldman says the decision is a victory for democracy and a free press, and perhaps for leakers acting in the public interest. 

'Deplorables' and the Myth of the Single-Issue Voter 

What motivates Trump supporters: economic anxiety, racism, or something else entirely? Fill in the blank and you'll probably be wrong, Megan McArdle says: Voters want a lot of things, but they demand respect above all.

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