Marching for voting rights in 1965.

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Is the Past Dead? Left and Right Differ

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For This Judge, the Civil Rights Movement Isn’t History

The past is alive when it comes to voting laws -- at least, that's the view of one 94-year-old African American appeals court judge, whose dissent in an Ohio voting rights case included a history lesson complete with biographies of 36 people killed while fighting for civil rights in the 1950s and '60s. Noah Feldman says the dissent shows how much left and right differ on a critical question: When it comes to voting rights, how much should history matter?

New Hampshire Carries Outsize Stakes for 2016

With the presidential contest, a crucial Senate slot, both House seats and the governor's mansion in play, voters in the Granite State could reshape the political map this November. Albert R. Hunt reports from the small state that might make a big difference in U.S. politics.  

Markets and Pundits Have a Data-Point Fixation

Whether you're looking at jobs numbers, housing prices, or the consumer price index, Barry Ritholtz has some advice for you: Remember that data points only capture a moment in time. To avoid cognitive errors, think of the latest economics number or poll as part of a film, rather than as a snapshot.

Hate Negative Ads? Then Vote Third Party

Almost nobody likes negative political ads (with some local TV stations excepted), and recent research suggests the U.S. could do away with them -- by doing away with the two-party system. If that's true, Stephen L. Carter says, then a vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson would be a vote to cleanse the airways of negative ads.

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