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Life as an Accidental Trump Supporter

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How a Russian Guy in Germany Became a 'Big League' Trump Booster

Somewhere along the line, the Republican's campaign decided Leonid Bershidsky was on the Trump train -- even though he can't vote or donate to him. Bombarded with e-mails and solicitations, our correspondent wonders: How's the hard sell helping Trump with his real fans?

Banks and Colleges Are Wasting Our Money

Far too many people want jobs in finance and academia -- a sign those industries get more resources than they strictly need. Megan McArdle examines why inefficient rent-seeking took hold in those sectors.  

Shady Sex Ads May Have Some First Amendment Protection

A Senate panel has subpoenaed the advertising website as part of an investigation into sex trafficking; the site, in turn, is refusing to budge, arguing the order is a threat against free speech. Noah Feldman considers how the Supreme Court will likely weigh in.

American Muslims With No Good Options

They may not like Hillary Clinton's foreign policy, but Donald Trump is hardly an alternative for many of the country's 3.3 million Muslims. In an election season filled with unhappy voters, Francis Wilkinson finds distinctively frustrated voices in Michigan. 

The Creation of an American Egg-pocalypse

Consumers say they want cage-free eggs, but they're not always willing to pay more for it. Now that every major supermarket and fast-food chain has pledged to stop using eggs from caged chickens, Justin Fox sees trouble ahead. 

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