Cash, Complexity, Happiness and Ikea

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  • U.S. Households’ Income Shows Biggest Jump Since Recession (Bloombergbut see Striking It Richer: The Evolution of Top Incomes in the United States (UC Berkeley)
  • John Bogle’s Expected Return Formula (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • 3 Lessons From Warren Buffett’s Bet Against Hedge Funds (Morningstar)
  • IBMer Who Decoded Bernie Madoff’s proprietary programming language (IT Jungle)
  • Complex Markets Don’t Require Complex Solutions (Evidence-Based Investor)
  • Private Equity Is the New Hedge Fund (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Ikea Forever: By upping its design but not its prices, the Swedish giant is making its ephemeral furnishings more pervasive than ever. (New York Times)
  • The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are (Wall Street Journal)
  • How the Battleground Political Game Is Played (Bloomberg)
  • How the sun, our greatest friend and enemy, could knock out the internet (Vox)

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Income Growth by Deciles of Mature Economies

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