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Finding Security Holes for Fun and Profit (Mostly Profit)

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Hacking a Company's Stock Price

If you discover cybersecurity flaws in a consumer product, you have a right to make a buck -- that's why Google and Facebook offer "bug bounties" to independent researchers, Elaine Ou explains. But a recent case involving a cardiac device shows the system has some holes of its own.

Pittsburgh Seems Cool, But Its Numbers Aren't So Hot

It's supposed to be a rust-belt success story, but Pittsburgh's status as a hipster boomtown may be exaggerated. Justin Fox parses the data and finds reason to be skeptical.

Clinton Can Overcome Pneumonia, But Not Her Trust Problem

Fun fact: Hillary Clinton served as a staffer on the Watergate hearings. So shouldn't she, of all people, know that the cover-up is worse than the crime? Margaret Carlson considers how her needlessly dodgy handling of a bout with pneumonia will affect her campaign. 

That Taco-Truck Invasion? Don't Hold Your Breath

The prospect of "a taco truck on every corner" is ridiculous (if delicious), and Conor Sen zeroes in one of many reasons why: Demographic change is moving in the opposite direction.      

Don't Leave Your Kids Near Judgmental Strangers

Children are more at risk from busybodies than boogeyman kidnappers, Virginia Postrel says, and the research backs her up. A new study sheds light on how moral beliefs about proper parenting have warped our understanding of risk.

 'Star Trek' Was Silly, Grandiose and Preachy. That's Why I Loved It.

With the 50th anniversary of its premiere falling this week, Stephen L. Carter offers a paean to "Star Trek: The Original Series" in all its flawed, visionary weirdness.

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