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The Promise and Peril of Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computers Are Coming. Is the World Ready?

Applying the insights of quantum physics to computing could do wonders for medicine, chemistry, banking and information-gathering. There's just one problem: It could undermine every digital-security practice we have. The Bloomberg View editorial board considers whether our world of passwords and secure connections can survive the next big thing in tech.

How Obama's Economic Record Stacks Up

His defenders say it's a triumph, his critics say it's a mess, but what do the numbers reveal? Economist Richard J. Carroll tallies up 17 indicators for every postwar president and finds Barack Obama in the middle of the pack -- which is better than it sounds. 

Why China Isn't a Financial Center

Last week, the World Bank issued bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights in China's interbank market; soon, the yuan will be included in the basket of currencies used to set the SDRs' value. China views this as a symbol of its rising power, but Christopher Balding says it's a sign that China's markets can't compete without free-flowing capital.

How Index Funds Prevailed 

The first index mutual fund was invented 40 years ago, but its story goes back farther than that. Stephen Mihm explains how a 1961 paper in Financial Analysts Journal drew mockery, angered money managers, and wound up changing the U.S. investment landscape.

Another Billionaire Incurs Putin's Wrath 

Viktor Vekselberg has been a Kremlin loyalist, but now some of his closest associates have been detained in a corruption case. Leonid Bershidsky says his story illustrates Putin's hypocritical view of corruption.

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