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Austerity, Dark Matter and ... a Brexit Redo?

Here are your morning reads.

My morning train reads:

  • Excess Management Is Costing the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year (Harvard Business Review); see also Jack Bogle: The Undisputed Champion of the Long Run (Wall Street Journal)
  • Ask Colorado Whether Infrastructure Spending Works (Bloomberg View)
  • Why Airgas Was Finally Sold, for $10 Billion Instead of $5 Billion (DealBook)
  • Austerity and the rise of populism (Coppola Comment)
  • No "For Sale" Sign? Silicon Valley Buyers Aren’t Deterred (New York Times); see also Construction worker shortage weighs on hot U.S. housing market (Reuters)
  • Fading College Dream Saps U.S. Economy of Productivity Miracle (Bloomberg)
  • Should Britons get a "redo" on Brexit? Millions push for second referendum (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Evolving App Store Business Models (David Smith)
  • This Is Your Brain’s Default Setting -- Here’s How And When To Change It (Fast Company)
  • A new class of galaxy has been discovered, one made almost entirely of dark matter (Speaking of Science)

What are you reading?

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