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'Sewbots' Versus Sweatshops in Southeast Asia

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So Long to the Asian Sweatshop

Automation could destroy two-thirds of all jobs in Southeast Asia's textile industry, according to a recent report from the International Labor Organization, and companies are already shifting production away from human workers. Adam Minter examines what the rise of "sewbots" means for the 9 million people working in the region's garment factories. 

India Presents a Dim Bright Spot for the Global Economy

It's still the world's fastest-growing large economy, but India's growth figures are weaker than they look. Mihir Sharma warns that government spending is propping up the economy, and the state is growing dangerously overstretched.

State Ballot Measures Reflect Shift to the Left 

The presidential election has gotten most of the attention, but voters across America will also weigh in on nearly 80 state-level referendums and initiatives in 2016 -- the most in a decade. Paula Dwyer explains why this year could be a very good one for minimum-wage increases, gun-control measures and marijuana legalization (and why 2018 could be equally bad for progressives).

What to Watch for in the Election's Homestretch

There are just 62 days left until U.S. voters choose the next president, and Albert R. Hunt says a lot is still up in the air. Pay special attention to college-educated white voters, the debates, and -- of course -- the possibility of an October surprise.

Good Luck Campaigning Without Talking Politics

It sounds absurd to make judges run for election and then ban them from partisan speech -- but that hasn't stopped some places from trying. Noah Feldman argues there's a basic conflict between the ideals of judicial neutrality and free speech in the the 39 states where voters elect judges.  

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