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Don't Click That Link!

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The Next Huge Hack Might Be Your Fault

Most people know that unsolicited e-mails can be dangerous, but research shows they open them anyway. Now that whole companies or even governments can be felled by a single low-level employee clicking the wrong link, Leonid Bershidsky considers the future of cyber-security.

Escaping the National Middle-Income Trap

Lots of former colonies have industrialized and escaped poverty; it's getting rich that's hard. Noah Smith examines what it takes for developing countries to escape the dreaded middle-income trap.

Economists Profit By Giving Things Away

It's easy to get an economist's paper online for free, but much harder to find a historian's or sociologist's. Justin Fox suggests that simple fact explains why other social scientists get shortchanged in the national conversation. 


Trump's Wrong. Nafta Was Good for the U.S. and Mexico

Earlier this week, the Republican candidate said the North American Free Trade Agreement "has been a far greater benefit to Mexico" than to America -- a partial and misleading statement. The good news, Paula Dwyer says, is that he didn't disavow the deal and even called for fixes free-traders like. (And speaking of Trump, Margaret Carlson checks in with his running mate, Mike Pence, who's gingerly stumping for the man while distancing himself as much as possible.)

Want a Free Market? Abolish Cash.

We accept it as a fact of life, but when governments issue cash, they're intervening and causing inefficiencies -- namely, keeping real interest rates from falling too far. Narayana Kocherlakota argues moving to electronic money could make the economy more naturally resilient.

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