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It Wasn't a Coup

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Downcast Dilma.

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A Brazilian President Learns (Fiscal) Crime Doesn't Pay

Dilma Rousseff gained an ignominious distinction on Wednesday, when she became the second president impeached since Brazil transitioned to democracy in the 1980s. The Bloomberg View editorial board says the impeachment was a long time coming (and far from a coup), as it lays out the challenges facing a post-Dilma Brazil. Meanwhile, Mac Margolis notes with concern that as Brazil's politicians fall into disrepute, the judiciary is expanding its power.

Disadvantage Gives Mutual-Fund Managers an Advantage

A surprising new study suggests that fund managers born to families in America's poorest fifth out-earn those in the wealthiest fifth. Tyler Cowen considers why those born poor get better returns.

Finland's Flawed Basic-Income Experiment 

The Scandinavian country is handing out free money to people who might not even want it, and Leonid Bershidsky has an objection. No, they're not distorting the economy; they're just not giving out enough. 

Calling All Sociologists: The U.S. Needs You

When so many of America's problems have social causes, why do economists dominate the ranks of the country's public intellectuals? Take it from one of them, Noah Smith says: Economists don't know everything, and their traditional rivals, sociologists, can help fill the gap.

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