The 'Alt-Right' Doesn't Count for Much

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The Racist Core of a Faux-Conservative Movement

There's less to the "alt-right" than meets the eye, says Ramesh Ponnuru. This racist corner of the national discourse is tiny and hardly worthy of Hillary Clinton's takedown.

Down With Big Syrup

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers is exactly as ominous as it sounds. The Bloomberg View editorial board would like to watch this delicious cartel and its quota system dissolve.

The Serious Purpose Behind France's Silly Burkini Ban

France's ideal of secularism is reviled. But Tobin Harshaw points out that its more flexible neighbors have done no better in assimilating Muslim immigrants.

Data Geeks Are Taking Over Economics

Grand mathematical theories are losing out to research based on facts. Noah Smith sees a limit to that trend, eventually.

Americans Are Driving Less, But ...

... they're not taking transit more. Justin Fox concludes that people are just staying home.

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