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Stock Pickers, Index Funds and Communism

Here are your Thursday morning reads.

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• Are Index Funds Communist? (Bloomberg View)

• Do you try to pick stocks, or do you pick stock pickers, or do you pick the picker of stock pickers? (FT Alphaville)

• Tesla Unveils the World’s Fastest Production Car: 0 to 60 in 2.5 Seconds (Bloomberg)but see Traffic deaths on the rise as distracted drivers roam the roads (Chicago Tribune) Stop texting!

• Five Years of Tim Cook’s Apple in Charts (Medium)

• How to Stay Rich in Europe: Inherit Money for 700 Years (Bloomberg)

• Why 4 a.m. Is the Most Productive Hour (WSJ)

• FINRA shifts an unwelcome spotlight away from itself — by training it on the brokers it oversees (RIA Biz)

• Some questions for those who are cheering Gawker’s demise (Freedom of the Press Foundationsee also Accounting Firms: A clubby oligopoly that is overdue for reform (FT)

• Trump Is Making More States Competitive. Red States. (fivethirtyeight)

• Just 4.2 light-years away, scientists spot a rocky, Earth-like planet that could have liquid water (LA Times)

What are you reading?

The Index Bubble

Index bubble

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