Nations Can Be Startups, Too

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Starting Fresh

Nations like Singapore and the United Arab Emirates had the advantage of a clean slate and a strong vision for their futures. Tyler Cowen says they embodied the Silicon Valley ethos before those tech companies did.

The EPA Has a Chance to Make Air Travel Greener

Airplanes generate just 3 percent of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, but air travel grows 5 percent a year. The Bloomberg View editorial board sees cause for concern -- and also potential for progress.

Clinton Is Making Her Trust Problem Worse

Donald Trump's campaign has been one disaster after another. Hillary Clinton's has been smooth. So why is she ahead by only five percentage points? Albert R. Hunt says self-inflicted wounds have cost her voters' trust.

What California and Texas Have in Common

More than just a love of tacos. Justin Fox details the economic growth these two have clocked during the current recovery, and says they followed very different paths to get there.

The Country's Job Engines

Increase in nonfarm payroll employment since January 2010

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Still a Lot of Negativity on Housing

How real is that recovery? Barry Ritholtz examines the psychology and numbers of U.S. housing prices.

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