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Stop Being So Sentimental About Health Care

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Health Care Is a Business, Not a Right

Sure, it sounds a bit cold-hearted, but it's also a fact: In a modern societies, humans procure health care from strangers, which requires a transactional system of market exchange. Even nationalized systems have to decide what's worth paying for. Megan McArdle says the truth hurts sometimes.

A Phony War on Voter Fraud Looks Even Phonier

As evidence continues to mount that U.S. voter ID laws are basically useless, Jonathan Bernstein says low turnout, not election theft, is the real scandal.

The Slow Fade of the Angry White Male

The American working class will be majority nonwhite in about 15 years, a recent study predicts, and the shaky rise of Donald Trump -- the epitome of the angry white male -- also signals that group's eventual demise. Taking stock of 2016, Francis Wilkinson says a half-century scream is coming to an end.

Why Gauging Inflation Is So Hard

Some prices are up, some are down, and the Fed doesn't have much control over most of them. Barry Ritholtz examines the grab-bag of goods and services that makes up the consumer price index (including textbooks sold by quasi-monopolies) and finds plenty of room for confusion.

Signs to Look For on the Road to Peak Auto

Americans drove a record-breaking 282 billion miles in June, but the auto industry shouldn't be celebrating just yet. Controlling for a rising population, Justin Fox finds that U.S. drivers still travel less on a per-person basis than they did before the 2008 recession.

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