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Americans Love Their Cars (and Other People's Money)

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Fueled By Gasoline and Debt

The good news: Americans are buying more and more vehicles. The bad news: They're borrowing more and more money to do so. Mark Whitehouse says the latest consumer data suggest the U.S. economy is still on shaky foundations.

Getting Away With Policy Malpractice

Hillary Clinton may have a wonkish reputation, but her policies are woefully lacking in specifics and substance. Paula Dwyer zeroes in on three major issues where the Democrat must explain herself: trade, health care and taxes.

The Tea Party Comes to an End 

The conservative faction faded as Donald Trump rose to power, and that's no coincidence. Francis Wilkinson charts the Tea Party's downfall, and considers what might come next for the movement's true believers. 

'A Lot of People Are Saying' Trump's a Democratic Plant

An outlandish claim? Of course -- but not by the Republican nominee's standards. Eli Lake examines the evidence for the theory that Trump is secretly trying to help Clinton win, and finds it a lot more credible than "Obama founded ISIS."

All of a Sudden, Economists Are Getting Real Jobs

Keynes dreamed that someday economists would be more like dentists, and it looks like he's getting his wish. Noah Smith explains why microeconomists are increasingly heading to Silicon Valley to become "economic engineers." 

Two Lingering Suspicions About Government Statistics

The unemployment rate isn't a "hoax," as some would have you believe, but economic data can be distorted for subtler reasons. Justin Fox examines two concerns that can't be easily dismissed. 

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