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What's Really Wrong With the Unemployment Rate

The U.S. joblessness rate has fallen below 5 percent, but it doesn't feel like the economy is humming along at 1997 levels. What gives? Justin Fox bats down the conspiracy talk, instead seeing a lesson in America's long, flawed history of collecting employment statistics. 

A Modest Olympic Proposal

The first five days of the Rio Olympics have gone off smoothly, but host cities almost always have regrets. Instead, why not simplify things by picking a permanent host city? Megan McArdle has the perfect suggestion. 

Japan's Emperor Has a Message About the Constitution

When 82-year-old Emperor Akihito delivered a surprise address to the nation Monday, abdication wasn't the only thing on his mind. The Bloomberg View editorial board says his speech cast a shadow over Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's worrisome plan to change Japan's constitution.

Trump's Campaign Shows the System Isn't Rigged

Donald Trump says the establishment is out to get him, and a good number of his supporters agree. But if corrupt forces call all the shots, Francis Wilkinson wonders, why hasn't the IRS leaked Trump's mysterious tax returns? Why haven't Melania's contested immigration records become public? In reality, he says, no candidate depends more on the fairness and professionalism of the government than Donald Trump.

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