Social Capital and the Key to Tech Success

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The Greatest Tech Businesses Aren't Really Tech

Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Snapchat -- they're all 21st-century success stories, but their appeal has less to do with engineering or product design than you might think. Leonid Bershidsky points to a new social model for understanding Silicon Valley success.

"Heavy-Metal Markets" Have Worrying Echoes of 2006

An old metalhead joke goes like this: The key to good heavy-metal music is making everything louder than everything else. Music fan Mark Gilbert sees something similar happening in the markets now, as returns on stocks and bonds are rising simultaneously -- and it could presage something disturbing.

Europe's Wave of Migration Has Brought Too Many Men

Or too few women, depending on how you look at it -- just 27 percent of refugees are female. More immigration could solve the problem, but would it create new ones? Megan McArdle considers two potential outcomes.

A Geopolitical Spat Won't Hurt China's Love for K-Pop

South Korea's decision to host a U.S. missile-defense system has infuriated China, and K-Pop stars are caught in the crossfire. But Adam Minter says the backlash won't last long -- because Korean artists speak too well to Chinese aspirations. 

Why #NeverTrump Republicans Are Also #NeverGaryJohnson

This should be the Year of the Libertarian, but Republicans don't seem tempted: The party's candidate, Gary Johnson, is still polling in the single digitsEli Lake explains why the former Republican and onetime governor isn't riding high on disaffected conservatives' support. 

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