Autopsies, 'Star Trek' Homes and Birth Control

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Want to Spot a True Value Investor? Look for Horrible Recent Performance (Alpha Architect); see also Factor Investing: No Secret, So Will It Continue to Work? (Cordant Wealth Partners)
  • Is Active Management Dead? Not Even Close (CFA Institute)
  • Mark Hart Bets China’s Currency Will Collapse (Bloomberg); see also Gold May Not Be the Safe Haven Investors Think It Is (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Greek crisis: An autopsy (VoxEU)
  • There are no experts on the future (Matt Ridley); see also Of certainties and doubts (Medium)
  • MERS game changer? Connecticut Supreme Court upholds new fee on lending industry (Housing Wire)
  • Trump, the Bad, Bad Businessman (New York Times); see also How the Trump Presidential Campaign is Affecting Trump Businesses (Medium)
  • Amazon Has Big Plans for Alexa: Running the "Star Trek" Home (New York Times)
  • Colorado’s Long-Lasting Birth Control Program For Teens May Not Last Long (NPR); see also Will Delaware Become the Next Birth-Control Utopia? (New York)
  • In a vulgar election, news organizations green-light profanity (Poynter)

What are you reading?

Japanese bosses find it hard to ask for more

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