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China's Debt Problem Is Worse Than You Thought

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 China's Debt Problem Just Won't Go Away

China's public finances are in worse shape than many realize, and mounting bad debts, double-digit deficits and a rickety financial system make for a volatile combination. The old playbook isn't working anymore, but Christopher Balding explains what might.

Lawyers Can Be Zealous Without Being Nasty

The American Bar Association has proposed a surprisingly controversial new ethics rule that would prohibit attorneys from discriminating on the job. Some fear it would restrict lawyers' freedom of speech, but Noah Feldman argues that clear boundaries are essential for lawyers who will do anything within the law to give their clients a leg up. 

India Sends Mixed Messages on Foreign Investment

As Prime Minster Narendra Modi courts investors abroad, India's government agencies are doing everything they can to scare them away. Mihir Sharma warns that strict new rules will make it impossible for them to commit the kind of money that the country's economy desperately needs. 

Can Government Raise Wages? It's Worth a Try

A decade ago, it would have been considered a fringe idea; today, it's part of Hillary Clinton's economic policy. As policy makers debate whether the government should to try push up wages, Noah Smith says they should let evidence, not economic dogma, be their guide. 

Why You Should Thank Donald Trump

Sure, he's a demagogue, but the Republican candidate has had some positive effects on civic life. Pankaj Mishra says his vitriol has forced the public to reckon with hidden bigotry.

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