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The GOP Insurrection Reaches Its Logical Endpoint

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The Republican Party Burns Down One Last Institution: Itself

It was bound to happen eventually, Francis Wilkinson says: After taking aim at Congress, the judiciary, the IRS and public education, the GOP's anti-establishment forces finally turned on their own party. The survival of the party may depend on whether the few remaining conservatives can retake their party from the insurrectionists -- but Wilkinson has his doubts. Meanwhile, Stephen L. Carter examines the Republicans' platform of 1916 and considers how much the party has changed -- especially on trade and immigration -- over the past century.

An Agenda to Help Americans Up the Economic Ladder

Laissez-faire economics has gone out of fashion, but what can the American left offer to replace it? As liberals cast around for a new economic paradigm, Noah Smith suggests a pro-mobility agenda -- one that combines traditional American values of ambition, hard work and risk-taking with redistribution and a belief in the potential of the working class. 

A College Degree Just Might Get You a Side Job

If your Uber driver spouts off on Kantian ethics or fiscal policy, don't be surprised: It turns out Americans with bachelor's degrees are more likely to work in the gig economy, according to new data from the Federal Reserve. Justin Fox shares one chart that captures the rise of the overeducated underemployed. 

Eight Possible Fates for the Obamacare Exchanges

Insurance companies are struggling to make money in the ACA marketplaces, and consumers can expect big rate hikes -- an unsustainable situation, Megan McArdle says. While the future is murky, she offers eight plausible predictions about the U.S. health-care market.

Why Millennials' Having Less Sex Is Worrying

Today's cohort of 20- to 24-year-olds is less likely to be having sex than their Gen-X and Baby-Boomer counterparts were. Great news, right? After all, no one's accidentally gotten pregnant playing Pokemon Go. But Leonid Bershidsky sees darker forces at work, saying young people's abstinence is about more than just responsibility and risk-aversion.

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