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The Immigration Questions Americans Don't Ask

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No One's Actually Talking About Immigration

Sure, the Democrats and the Republicans say they are, but the debate mostly boils down to "for" versus "against." But wait -- for what? Against what? Megan McArdle says both parties are ducking important questions about what kind of country America is, and which new citizens are welcome.

Times Have Changed Since 1916. Democrats Mostly Haven't.

A century ago, the Democratic Party kept the tone upbeat as it called for a "living wage," free trade and regulation to battle unfairness in the economy. Stephen L. Carter gives them points for consistency.

Nixon's Failed Effort to Withhold His Tax Returns

Some politicians discover the hard way (and others never learn): Being transparent can save yourself, and perhaps your country, a lot of grief. As one current presidential candidate hems and haws about his own tax returns, Stephen Mihm recalls Richard Nixon's doomed attempt to cover up his own financial information.

Backing Uber's Competitors Makes Sense

It's hardly economically efficient to give the ride-share behemoth money to burn in local price wars. Instead of investing in Uber, Leonid Bershidsky suggests backing upstart rivals in smaller markets.

China's Trouble With Bubbles

The lessons from last year's Chinese stock-market crash are easy to learn but hard to put into practice -- and with bubbles growing in bonds and real estate, Tom Orlik warns the next crash will be even worse. 

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