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Poetic Justice in Brazil

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'Artworks in Custody'

Taxpayers were defrauded. Corrupt officials were jailed. Now art seized as part of the Car Wash investigation in Brazil is on public display in an exhibit called Artworks in Custody, for all those defrauded taxpayers to enjoy. Mac Margolis says this is what happens when fine art becomes criminals' preferred currency.

This Bull Is Not Charging

Sure, it's a bull market, but if you're tempted to rave about it, Barry Ritholtz sets you straight.

Tech Won't Set You Free

Entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan tweeted the articles of faith of techno-libertarians: “Don't argue about regulation. Build Uber. Don't argue about monetary policy. Build Bitcoin.” Noah Smith does not share their optimism.

Backsliding in Britain

Just when your tech sector starts to take off, voters decide to leave the European Union and everything is thrown into doubt. Therese Raphael writes that entrepreneurs in Britain are hoping venture capital will not recede to the Continent.

China Needs More People

The nation's first immigration office signals an ambition to compete for top talent around the world. Adam Minter offers Beijing some recruiting advice.

Ritholtz's Reads

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  • Musk just threw down the gauntlet to Uber, public transport and logistics (Gavinsblog.com)

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