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Grand Old Party Gets a Good Look at Trump

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Well. We Can All Agree It Was a Long Speech.

Over the course of more than an hour as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump touched on foreign policy, immigration, education and criminal justice reform. But, the Bloomberg View editorial board writes, the promises and proposals did not touch reality.

Getting to Know the Now-Official Nominee

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week was revealing. Francis Wilkinson shows Trump to be a dealmaker who somehow loses when he's holding all the cards. Timothy L. O'Brien points out that this manager never really managed anything. Eli Lake describes Trump as an ersatz hawk whose policy for confronting Russia boils down to "surrender and retreat" (an approach that the Bloomberg View editorial board calls myopic). Even the wall turns out to actually be more of a "wall."

Dude, Where's My Car?

Elon Musk's "master plan" for Tesla is all promise and no product. Shareholders are ready for some results. So is Edward Niedermeyer.

Location, Location, Location

The U.S. should get its nuclear weapons out of Turkey, but not because the attempted coup revealed any particular vulnerability there. Tobin Harshaw writes that these nukes should be moved because their deterrent power is needed in Europe, to contain Russia.

WWYD? Yellen Should Let Us Know

The world still doesn't know what the Fed thinks about Brexit. Narayana Kocherlakota finds that unacceptable. He says Chairwoman Janet Yellen should be making more speeches.

How Much for That Carbon in the Window?

Canada's ruling party pledged to bring market pressures to bear on greenhouse gas emissions. The Bloomberg View editorial board writes that there's an efficient way to do that quickly, and there's a hard way to do it slowly.

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