India Prepares for Life After Cash

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India Could Be the First Nation to Ditch Cash

An underground economy estimated at $460 billion a year is out of reach of the tax collectors in India, but the government is pursuing a solution: abolishing cash. Mihir Sharma writes that the nation is poised to become a pioneer.

The Great Shaving Disruption

The sale of Dollar Shave Club to Unilever shows low-end disruption at work: An inferior product gobbles up some market share just by being a whole lot cheaper and not that inferior. Still, Justin Fox finds the limit to Dollar Shave Club's potential.

Government Playbook for Prosecutors Should Be Public

The Justice Department advises prosecutors on how to do their jobs. Noah Feldman asks: Why isn't that guidance public? 

Cruz's Non-Endorsement

The Texas senator took the stage at the Republican National Convention and did not endorse the nominee. The nominee's supporters didn't like that. Ramesh Ponnuru points a finger at the nominee himself. This is the nasty fight for the soul of the GOP, and it is just getting started.


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