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Turkey Must Decide: Executions or Progress

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Turkey Would Pay a Price for Executing Traitors

Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2004, but now President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will consider executing coup plotters. Noah Feldman sees a tricky, unprecedented challenge for the government: to look strong while also looking democratic.

A Tradition of Unoriginal Writing

He doesn't write his books. Timothy L. O'Brien asks: Why are we surprised she doesn't write her speeches? Or even that her speechwriters don't write her speeches?  That would be, like ... presidential. Megan McArdle warned us not to expect professionalism. Albert R. Hunt reports that Trump's children fared better on Day Two than his wife did on Day One.

So Why Do Trump's Supporters Support Him?

It's not because they're disadvantaged and need a champion. Trump fans are better off than the average American -- but Francis Wilkinson points out that they feel entitled to more. Tyler Cowen writes that these affluent voters blame slow economic growth for their trajectory, rather than faulting themselves for saving too little for retirement. 

Handy Guide to Insider Trading

It could count as insider trading if you wanted your friend to trade on information you gave him. Or if you did not want your friend to trade on information you gave him. But Matt Levine ponders that most intriguing of possibilities: What if you just didn't care?

Hidden Risk to Sovereign Bonds

What if a nation reneges on debts owed to its own central bank? In theory, there's no effect on private investors. But in reality, Mark Gilbert says, this would look like a step toward sovereign defaults. 

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