"I'm really good at war."

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'I'm Really Good at War'

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Day One: Make America Safe Again

The Trump-tastic Republican convention kicked off with luminaries like Melania Trump and Scott Baio. Francis Wilkinson says the candidate himself is hardly more prepared to be commander in chief. He says he gets his military advice from TV news. However, Margaret Carlson notes that Donald Trump's campaign is starting to look a bit more campaign-y. Perhaps it should woo the party leaders whom Megan McArdle saw trying to Dump Trump.

Bad Moods Are Contagious

One sour market can taint others. One disquieted population can disturb another. Bad moods travel like germs, writes Tyler Cowen

Kosher Prison Food: Who's to Say Who's Jewish Enough?

Noah Feldman argues that attempts to define whose claim to kosher meals is valid are destined to fail, because there is no test for religious belonging.

Where Terrorism Comes From

Blame it on the "youth bulge," explains Justin Fox. Nations see more terrorism when they have more young men. 

Keep It Simple? Not at Goldman

The world of finance has changed, and Goldman Sachs's complex approach is out of vogue. Well. For now. Matt Levine isn't convinced the fad for simplicity will last.

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