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Global Security After Nice

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Understanding the Latest French Terror Attack

Details are still emerging about the 31-year-old man who killed at least 84 and injured more than 200 at a Bastille Day celebration in southern France on Wednesday, as analysts work out the security implications of the attack. Leonid Bershidsky examines France's unique vulnerability to terrorism, while Eli Lake makes sense of Prime Minister Manuel Valls's remarkable (to American ears) statement, "Times have changed, and we should learn to live with terrorism."

Sorry, Chris. Sorry, Newt.

The awful news from Nice (and an apparent coup attempt in Turkey) pre-empted what would have been Friday's top political story: Donald Trump named Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate (on Twitter, of course). Ramesh Ponnuru says the pick shows social conservatives' lasting influence over GOP, but the Bloomberg View editorial board is dismayed by the pairing of a former reality-TV star and a onetime talk-radio host -- perhaps the ultimate triumph of the entertainment-political complex. 

Microsoft's Cloud-Storage Legal Win Helps Criminals, Not Privacy

Good news, white-collar crooks! If you have e-mails stored in a non-U.S. server, you don't need to hand them over to American authorities. Noah Feldman says Congress desperately needs to update a law dating back to before the internet was a thing.

In Defense of Mac n' Cheetos (and Those Who Love It)

And perhaps you've heard of Burger King's implausible new snack -- the kind of limited-time-only affair that exists to garner publicity more than to be eaten. But what if it's actually ... good? Megan McArdle raises aloft a gooey stick in honor of foodies who eat what they love, not what reflects well on them.

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