They'll probably be fine without the state aid.

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The Wrong Way to Encourage Startups

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Note to Southeast Asia: Governments Aren't Venture Capitalists

Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and other countries are pouring money into the tech sector, and not without reason -- business is set to boom. But the Bloomberg View editorial board says sometimes the best thing states can do to encourage startups is nothing at all.

Overcoming Our Irrational Fear of Inflation

Recessions cause much more harm than rising prices, yet many people see them as equally dangerous. Noah Smith says economists (and, ahem, Fed policy makers) should come to their senses. 

Why the U.S. Pretends Drone Strikes Are Secret

Yemen and Pakistan have allowed U.S. airstrikes in their territory, and they want to keep it quiet -- but Eli Lake says that diplomatic discretion comes at a price.

Sexual Harassment Is Invisible to Half the Population

People extrapolate from their own experiences to understand the world around them -- which inevitably leads to bias. When it comes to issues like harassment, Megan McArdle says, men need to gather data, test their assumptions, and be aware of potential blind spots.  

Trump's Kinda-Sorta-Probably-Maybe Veep

Although he hasn't made an official announcement, multiple news outlets reported Thursday that Donald Trump has selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Margaret Carlson reports the prominent social conservative gave his all during his vice-presidential tryout, while Jonathan Bernstein argues the pick -- if confirmed -- would signal to voters that Trump can govern as a normal Republican after all.

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