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Some Good News for Washington, From Wall Street

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Think Governments Are a Mess? Markets Don't.

There's violence, instability and stagnation, true. Yet there's also a lot of faith in sovereign bonds. Matthew A. Winkler crunches the numbers and finds reason for hope.

Millennials Need a New Housing Bubble

If demand keeps outstripping supply, prices for existing homes will skyrocket and wages in construction will soar. Conor Sen offers a solution. 

Russia's Hyperloop Dream Stalls

Vladimir Putin had hoped to make Elon Musk's vision of high-speed, high-tech transport a reality -- but a lawsuit claiming financial mismanagement has pit Kremlin-connected investors against a Silicon Valley startup. Leonid Bershidsky explains why Russians won't get to ride the Hyperloop anytime soon.  

America's in Danger of Imperial Overstretch

Nearly three decades ago, historian Paul Kennedy argued that extravagant military spending hastens the decline of great powers. Fat defense budgets haven't crippled the U.S. economy yet -- but that's no reason to be complacent, Justin Fox warns

Why Democrats Moved to the Left

Sure, the socialist may have lost to the centrist, but the Democratic Party just passed its most left-leaning platform in decades. Ramesh Ponnuru offers four reasons why (one of which will leave Sanders die-hards pretty miffed). 

Politics After Dallas

Barack Obama has become practiced at delivering mass-shooting eulogies, but last Thursday's massacre of police officers left most other politicians in uncharted waters. Margaret Carlson evaluates the presidential candidates' responses, while Francis Wilkinson says George W. Bush's message of reconciliation deserved far more praise than it got.

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