Regrexit, Robots, Recovery and Rebirth

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My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • The Jobs Recovery May Not Be Flashy, But It’s Strong (FiveThirtyEight); see also The June Jobs Report in 15 Charts (Wall Street Journal)
  • How a Broke Little Island Beat the Hedge Funds: Puerto Rico got the debt relief legislation it wanted while some of the most powerful forces in finance got stiffed. What happened? (Slate)
  • Congratulations, everything is terrible (Quartz); see also Why the world needs investment, not money chasing old assets (Financial Times)
  • Vancouver Is Silicon Valley North. So Why Doesn’t It Have Uber? (Bloomberg)
  • Meet the robots changing modern farming: Prospero, Aquarius and SW 6010 (MarketWatch); see also When the Robots Rise: Will automation kill the middle class -- and democracy with it? (National Interest)
  • America Can Fix Its Student Loan Crisis. Just Ask Australia. (Upshot)
  • The Promise of Regrexit (Project Syndicate); see also It’s time for London to leave the UK (the Independent)
  • F-35 stealth fighter may finally be climbing above its problems (LA Times)
  • Our universe could be reborn as a bouncing baby cosmos (New Scientist); see also Gravity shrugs off differences of quantum spin (Cosmos)
  • What are the Most Popular Cannabis Products? (Headset)

What are you reading?

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