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Frexit? Swexit? Not So Fast.

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Europeans Still Want to Stick Together

The success of Britain's "leave" movement hasn't strengthened the continent's pro-EU parties, but it hasn't really boosted the euroskeptics, either. Leonid Bershidsky says that even in the wake of Brexit, Europeans value unity.

Advanced Economies Should Learn From Developing Nations

Brexit and tumbling U.S. Treasury yields show that familiar assumptions about how rich-country economies function don't always hold true. Mohamed A. El-Erian suggests investors and policy makers supplement their conventional wisdom with insights from the global South.

China's Cyber-Police Are Becoming an (Economic) Drag

The Chinese government pays millions of people to monitor and manipulate the internet, and they don't work for free. The question is: Just how much information control can a healthy economy stand? Justin Fox weighs the costs.

How the Megarich Soak Brazil

If you're in need of a beach read, why not kick back with an entertaining account of Brazilian wealth, power and hubris? Mac Margolis recommends Alex Cuadros's "Brazillionaires," which chronicles the nation's fortunes through the rise and fall of its wealthiest class.

Government Is the Solution, Not the Problem

Investing in public goods boosts productivity -- the one thing that makes all of us richer -- and Noah Smith says there's a lot U.S. government can do to increase the size of the economic pie.

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