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India Should Be Embracing, Not Shunning, 'Experts' 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he wants "hard work, not Harvard" from top officials, but last week's cabinet reshuffle suggests he values political loyalty over expertise. Mihir Sharma warns that bureaucrats won't generate the ideas a fast-growing economy needs.

Russia Has the Most Boring Election of 2016

If you need a reprieve from this year's political drama in the U.K. and the U.S., turn to Russia. Leonid Bershidsky says the new parliament that will be seated in September will bring no new faces -- exactly as Russians wish.  

A Backdoor Legal Attack on Citizens United

Campaign-finance reformers have a new legal strategy: Instead of directly challenging the 2010 Supreme Court case, they're taking aim at a lower-court decision that opened the door to super-PACs. Noah Feldman says the approach might work -- but that timing will be everything.

Oldest and Youngest May Determine America's Political Future

Hillary Clinton has an enthusiasm deficit with the youngest voters, while Donald Trump risks alienating conservative seniors. To know what to expect in November, Albert R. Hunt says, keep an eye on the generational wings.

America's Highly Productive Gun Industry

The manufacturing sector may be struggling across the U.S., but American gunmakers are churning out product like never before. Justin Fox finds production has tripled since 2001, even as employment has held steady.

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