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The Less-Than-Masterful Masters of the Universe

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Why Traders Have Lost The Midas Touch

Portfolio managers and traders have been looking pretty fallible lately, with their tried-and-tested approaches no longer guaranteeing returns. Satyajit Das suggests their earlier successes depended more on favorable economic conditions than on their talent or acumen.

China's Struggle to Create a Meritocracy That Works

As Western intellectuals advance the once-taboo notion that maybe democracy isn't that great after all, Justin Fox sits down with Daniel Bell -- author of 2015's "The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy" -- to discuss the many ways political systems can fall short.

Some Elitist Views Are Pretty Popular With the Masses

Pundits on left, right and center claim Brexit was a populist uprising against the establishment, but Noah Smith says framing it as "tiny, arrogant elite versus an angry mob" is a gross oversimplification. On both sides of the Atlantic, he says, the leadership class is made up of several competing factions -- many of which draw support from populists.

What's Good for Workers Is Bad for Investors

Wages are rising, and if inflation follows, the fixed-income market will be hurting. Conor Sen explains why the second half of 2016 may bring an economy for workers to cheer (except those toiling on Wall Street). 

A Case of Bad Eggs Might Land You in Prison

The legal travails of a family-run egg farm in Iowa could have consequences for businesses across the U.S. Noah Feldman explains why if an appeals court ruling stands, even people who unknowingly violate federal regulations could do time.

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