Early Returns

Cosmopolitanism, Optimism and Secrecy

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dan Drezner’s item about “cosmopolitanism” is very good.

2. Seth Masket turns optimistic about the U.S. political system. Over at Pacific Standard.

3. Erik Jones, R. Daniel Kelemen and Sophie Meunier at the Monkey Cage on how Europe is “failing forward.”

4. Useful analysis of a voting trend that might help Democrats this year, from Margaret Talev, Jennifer Epstein and Gregory Giroux at Bloomberg Politics.

5. Good one from my Bloomberg View colleague Eli Lake on secrecy and the Hillary Clinton e-mails.

6. I think Orin Kerr at Volokh Conspiracy gets it right on how the FBI's James Comey chose to handle the public side of his decision ...

7. ... while Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes has a pretty solid analysis of Comey’s investigation and decision.

8. And Abner Mikva, RIP. The Washington Post’s Emily Langer has a fine obituary.

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