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About Those E-Mails...

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The FBI Doesn't Care About Her Damn E-Mails

Hillary Clinton scored a political victory yesterday when FBI Director James Comey announced that she wouldn't face criminal charges for her e-mail practices at the State Department. Although Comey did criticize Clinton as "extremely careless," Megan McArdle says the agency's findings don't give Republicans much ammunition against the presumptive Democratic nominee. However, while Eli Lake offers a conservative case for letting Clinton skate, Albert R. Hunt argues that the scandal highlights the candidate's serious political weaknesses. 

China's $5 Trillion Opportunity 

The McKinsey Global Institute says China could supercharge its GDP growth if it boosted productivity to rich-economy standards, but Justin Fox wants to know: How could China become more productive and coddle its state-owned enterprises, too?  

A New Weapon for China: Video Games

Meanwhile, as China spends increasing sums to subsidize the arts, Adam Minter says orcs, anime and projectile donkeys are fast becoming the country's most valuable cultural exports.

Voodoo Banking Isn't the Answer

As Japanese policy makers struggle to boost growth, the Bank of Japan might be forced to push key interest rates even further into negative territory later this month. But Michael Schuman warns that in Japan and elsewhere, increasingly desperate monetary experiments may be doing as much harm as good.

Innovation Doesn't Always Start in the Garage

Sorry, young disruptors, but Noah Smith has has some bad news: It turns out companies with large R&D budgets, not newcomers, produce most of the U.S. economy's breakthroughs.

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