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The Power of the Politically Apathetic

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The 2.8 Million Unlikely Voters Who Delivered Brexit

Why did so few pollsters and analysts predict a victory for the U.K.'s "Leave" campaign? It turns out millions of Britons who'd long given up on politics were motivated to vote in the referendum -- and Matt Singh says these traditional nonvoters could be a major new electoral force. 

Financial Regulators Shouldn't Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Meanwhile, Mark Gilbert calls the Brexit results "a Lehman moment" and a "real-life stress test" for European banks, and urges regulators to do what they should have done after the 2008 financial crisis: Fix the continent's banking system.

Nicaragua Prospers Under an Ex-Guerrilla Leader

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, headed to a fourth term, has achieved a political balance rare in populist-driven Latin America. Mac Margolis considers the record of one of the region's most enduring strongmen.

Thoughts on Freedom From an American in Shenzhen 

Chinese citizens may not yet enjoy Western-style free speech or political self-determination, but Justin Fox says decades of market reforms have given people in this southeastern city more choices, and more autonomy, than ever before.

The Case Against Olympic Golf

Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and other star golfers have pulled out of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, citing the threat of the Zika virus, and David Kahn says good riddance: If the stakes aren't high enough to draw a sport's best athletes to compete, then the IOC should extinguish that sport's artificial flame.

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