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Chinese-American joint venture

Photographer: Andrew Renneisen

Happy Fourth of FDI!

As patriots celebrate U.S. Independence Day with Brazilian beer, Chinese hot dogs and British ice cream, Afshin Molavi explains why foreign direct investment is as American as apple pie.

Don't Mess With India's Central Bank

As concerns mount about the Reserve Bank of India's independence, politicians in New Delhi have called for recapitalizing state-owned banks with emergency funds from the central bank — much to Mihir Sharma's dismay.

There's More Blue in Beijing Skies These Days

Justin Fox enjoys a breath of fresh air in the Chinese capital, where the large-scale shuttering of coal plants has cut pollution significantly.

The Supreme Court Really Matters in This Election

Donald Trump says his opponent would stack the high court with "radical judges," while Hillary Clinton warns that Republican-appointed justices would "demolish pillars of the progressive movement." That rhetoric isn't new, but Albert R. Hunt says the candidates' dire warnings could actually affect voter behavior this year.

An Environmental Victory (and Cautionary Tale)

Humanity is winning the war on the ozone hole, but Faye Flam warns that's no reason to become complacent about global warming.

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