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That might not be enough.

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After Brexit, the Larger Risk is That Europe Will Fail

The single currency and border-free travel are closely linked, and Jean-Michel Paul warns that the European Union's survival depends on whether it can now rescue both.

Austria's Botched Vote Feeds Populist Distrust

On Friday, Austria's high court threw out the results of its most recent presidential election -- a tightly fought battle the far-right Freedom Party lost by just 31,000 votes. Leonid Bershidsky fears the fiasco, and the populist conspiracy-mongering to follow, will only deepen the West's crisis of democracy. 

The High Cost of U.S. Protectionism

Donald Trump claims American lawmakers have done little to protect working people threatened by globalization, but Ramesh Ponnuru says he's got it all wrong. U.S. pols have a long history of supporting tariffs, which have an equally long history of stifling jobs and competitiveness.

Bill and Hill in 10 Talking Points

When it comes to the Clintons, every new controversy is part of an old story. Veteran political analyst Francis Wilkinson offers an easy-to-digest breakdown of their maddening yet understandable foibles. 

Driverless Cars Will Make Mistakes. People Will Overreact.

The fatal crash of a Tesla running on "autopilot" has raised new fears about autonomous vehicles and safety. Megan McArdle's takeaway: Irrational animals have no business behind the wheel, even if our replacements aren't quite ready yet. 

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