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Trump Deals Elizabeth Warren the Race Card

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Donald Trump's 'Pocahontas' Playbook

It's a bit unusual for a campaign rally to feature "war whoops" from the stage, but that's just what happened at a Trump rally earlier this week, when the conservative radio host warming up the audience turned his attention to Elizabeth Warren. The GOP nominee has been poking fun at the senator, who has claimed to have Cherokee heritage, but as Tim O'Brien shows, it's just part of Trump's long, loaded history of attacking Native Americans.

The Speaker of the House Is Trapped

Paul Ryan, the Republicans' most skillful politician, could rise like Tip O'Neill -- the Democratic House speaker who masterfully guided his party during the Reagan era -- or he could sink like John Boehner, the Republican who delivered a huge House majority but was still forced into early retirement by angry compatriots. But right now, with Donald Trump ascendant, he's stuck. Francis Wilkinson checks in with a speaker of the House sitting atop the ruins of his party.

How Chinese Students Saved America's Colleges

Cash-strapped universities have reaped billions from an influx of foreign students, and China is the top country of origin. Justin Fox examines why a growing "buy-domestic" trend hasn't dampened demand for American higher education.

Adultery Is None of the Military's Business

An air-force colonel charged with six counts of adultery under the Uniform Code of Military Justice is fighting back, arguing that law against discriminates against heterosexuals. Noah Feldman says he's missing a much better argument.

Social Networks Could Predict the Next Brexit

Big data analysis is in its infancy, but it's already helping some investors make money. Considering how off-the-mark polls can be, Leonid Bershidsky says experiments in political forecasting using social media deserve more attention.

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