The India-Pakistan border (illuminated by floodlights) from space.

Photograph: NASA

Borders, Brexit and Collective Identity

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Britain's Latest Ugly Partition

From Iraq to India, new borders have brought new identities -- and new miseries. Nisid Hajari, author of "Midnight's Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India's Partition," considers Brexit and the resurgence of nationalism in light of this grim history.

Alienating the Rich, Lying to the Poor

It's been an exciting week for Donald Trump and economic policy -- the longtime outsourcer delivered a blistering speech against globalization on Tuesday, and on Wednesday he continued his war against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Francis Wilkinson says Trump is essentially daring corporate America to flee GOP, while Paula Dwyer details his fantastical, ill-advised promises to Rust Belt workers. 

The Fed is In an Epic Battle With Itself

One faction wants to help the economy grow faster; the other wants to make it more stable. Conor Sen checks in on a central bank wracked with a serious case of cognitive dissonance. 

Minneapolis Is the Wrong Place to Try a $15 Wage

High pay in a city with a low cost of living? Uh-oh. Megan McArdle considers what might happen if activists transform a middle-class Minnesota burg into a real-life economic laboratory.

Here's What the TV Pundits Mean When They Say...

There's a lot of time to fill on the financial news networks, and hot air often does the job. Occasional talking head Barry Ritholtz offers a glossary of punditspeak and jargon, from "The smart money is betting..." to "Buy gold." 

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